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Feasts of the Bible : Participants Guide

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This is the companion participant guide to the Feasts of the Bible 6-Session DVD-based Study 

This easy-to-use participant guide includes discussion questions, quizzes, a place for taking notes and listing prayer requests, additional Old Testament information about types of offerings, the role of the priests, the meaning of Jesus' teaching that he was "Lord of the Sabbath," and more. Includes a calendar of the feasts (they change dates each year) and diagrams and charts for the tabernacle and the feasts of the Lord.

As you go through The Feasts and Holidays of the Bible series, you will learn how to conduct your own Christian Passover Seder. As you walk through the Christian Passover Seder, you will be surprised to see how all of the Old Testament Passover activities point symbolically to Jesus.

You don't have to be an expert to lead this 6-session study. The Feasts & Holidays of the Bible study is perfect for small groups, Bible studies, or personal use. Ages: Young adult to adult.

Additional Info

Some Christians miss the importance of the biblical feasts, seeing them as merely "Jewish" holidays, but Scripture says these are the Feasts of the Lord God established for all people for all time.

God's redemptive plan is unveiled through the feasts of Israel. The feasts are still relevant for our lives today because they-

  • Show how Messiah Jesus is the fulfillment of the feasts and holidays.
  • Illustrate the Jewish roots of Christianity.
  • Explain history and symbolism in the Old Testament.
  • Open our eyes to the Lord's provision, love, and care for us.
  • Inspire us to worship God.
  • Point to our glorious future with Messiah.

Now you can connect the Hebrew roots of Christianity and the symbolism that points to Jesus Christ using this 6-session DVD-based study and Participation Guide, The Feasts of the Bible.