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Emoji Ceramic Menorah

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This hand painted ceramic Emoji Chanukah brings out lots of happy emotions, and now your Menorah will as well! Add on to that happiness every night by lighting the new candle on a new emotion that will keep you'll be smiling for all 8 nights!

Additional Info

Modern Menorahs give old traditions new life with contemporary designs. This hand painted Menorah uses  a series of happy emojis to create a unique piece. Modern Menorahs make excellent Hanukkah statement pieces and can be displayed year-round.  Candles not included.

Measures 10.75" x 1.75" x2"

To clean wax from menorah: Pour hot water directly on the wax to loosen. Caution! Keep hands away from hot water! Do not soak menorah in water. To avoid damaging the menorah, do NOT try to remove wax by any other method.