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Emergency Zone

Emergency Zone Children's 72 Hour Survival Kit

Emergency Zone Children's 72 Hour Survival Kit

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Remember when your child lost their favorite toy? Remember when you forgot the diaper bag? Every parent knows the feeling when they find themselves unprepared. When a disaster strikes, don’t find yourself asking “What more could I have done”.

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    Additional Information

    • Created to Meet Children’s Unique Needs: The Keep-Me-Safe Children's 72-Hour Emergency Survival Kit was designed by parents just like you with supplies carefully selected to help you provide for your child in even the worst of circumstances. 
    • Food & Water: During an emergency, water is vital and access may be very limited, skip the trouble of boiling water or wasting any of your precious supply to reconstitute freeze-dried meals. The USA-made SOS Brand, US Coast Guard-approved Food Rations and Water Pouches included in this kit have a 5-YEAR SHELF LIFE, are space-efficient, require no extra water to rehydrate, no reheating, and were developed with low sodium content so as to not induce unnecessary thirst.
    • Comfort: Emergency situations are scary, and they are even scarier for children. Yes, it is important to make sure their physical needs are met, but emotional ones are equally as important. In this child emergency go bag there are comfort items included to help provide your child some security.


    • 1x Kid Backpack
    • 1x Small Nylon Pouch

    Food & Water

    • 1x Children’s Water Bottle
    • 1x 2400 Calorie Food Bar
    • 2x Millennium Food Bars
    • 6x 4.2 oz Water Pouches

    Comfort Items

    • 2x Activity Pads
    • 1x Note Paper
    • 1x Pencil
    • 1x Stuffed Bear
    • 1x Crayons

    Hygiene & Sanitation

    • 1x Toothbrush
    • 1x Toothpaste
    • 1x Comb
    • 1x Shampoo
    • 1x Soap Bar
    • 1x Washcloth
    • 6x Wet Naps

    First Aid

    • 1x Children’s Bandaids

    Weather Protection

    • 1x HeatStore Reflective Blanket
    • 1x Emergency Reflective Blanket
    • 1x Children’s Green Poncho
    • 3x Hand Warmers

    Survival Gear

    • 1x Light Stick
    • 1x 9 LED Compact Flashlight
    • 1x Signal Whistle
    • 1x Informational Insert


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