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Eilat Stone Factory

Eilat Stone & Pearl Bracelet

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This Beautiful bracelet features genuine Eilat stones blended together with exquisite pearls. A rare and masterful blend of natural beauty and artistic craftsmanship.  Makes a wonderful gift for yourself or someone special. 

Imported from Israel

Additional Info

925 Silver lobster clasp.

Length 7 3/4"

The rare Eilat stone is Israel's national stone, and is named after Israel's southernmost city where it was discovered centuries ago near the Red Sea, 32 km North of Eilat, in the copper mines of King Solomon. It possesses deep beautiful shades of green and blue color

Eilat stone is a unique combination of the green Malachite (copper carbonate) and the blue Azurite (copper silicate), crates an unbelievable rich intriguing range of colors, which makes it one of the world's most beautiful stones.  Eilat stone is only found in one place - Israel.