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Eilat Stone Factory

Eilat Stone Heart Necklace - Large

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Upgrade any outfit with this captivating Eilat stone necklace!  Featuring a hand-crafted solid piece of Eilat stone in the shape of a heart, the necklace is truly one-of-a-kind.  Strung on a suede chain this creation is one of the last done by the owner of the Eilat Stone Factory. 

Elegant and delightful, this unique necklace will make a flawless gift for someone dear to your heart!

Additional Info

Eilat Stone Heart Necklace

Eilat stone is mined in Israel at King Solomon's copper mines, 32 km North of Eilat.  Eilat stone is a unique combination of green Malachite (copper carbonate) and blue Azurite (copper silicate), creating an unbelievably rich and intriguing range of colors, which makes it one of the world's most beautiful stones.  Similar to the diamond, every Eilat Stone has its own unique variance of cut, color, and weight, so the stone you choose is yours alone.

Eilat stones are each unique, therefore yours may vary slightly from the picture.

Pendant:  1 1/4:

Suede Chain:  18 inches

Made in Israel