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Eilat Stone Factory 2020 2020 (1)

Eilat Stone Heart Necklace

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Each Stone Is A One-of-a-Kind

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Nothing is more beautiful and eye-catching than an Eilat Stone necklace.  This necklace features beautiful heart-shaped Eilat stone beads with alternating 14k gold-filled beads.  Beautiful and breathtaking to look at this necklace is sure to add to any outfit.

Renowned for the remarkable depth and beauty of its unusual blue-green shades, the Eilat stone was discovered in King Solomon’s copper mines and is now Israel's national stone. Available in a stunning spectrum of blue-green hues, each of these rare gems has its own coloring, size, and weight. This means that the stones on your necklace are totally unique to you! 

Length: 18 inches

Made in Israel