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Comprehensive Etymological Dictionary of the Hebrew Language from Carta

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A concise work on the origins of Hebrew words and their sense development.

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Comprehensive Etymological Dictionary from Carta By Ernest Klein

A concise work on the origins of Hebrew words and their sense development.

This is an exceptionally valuable tool for all who work with Hebrew, even those with minimal knowledge of the language.  For here are detailed etymologies of some 30,000 words and word forms - in an easy-to-use volume unique in scope and authority.

This is a rich compendium of knowledge about the origin, derivation, and variations of most Hebrew words.  It traces the history of the language by identifying the way its vocabulary has changed, in meaning and in usage, over the centuries.

In this dictionary, the vocabulary of present-day Hebrew is covered thoroughly; also here are the Biblical, Mishnaic, and Rabbinic words that inform today's language, as well as medieval words used in earlier periods but no longer in current use.  Klein identifies borrowed or cognate words from Akkadian, Aramaic, Greek, Arabic, and other languages that have enriched the Hebrew vocabulary.

Each entry term includes:

  • specific definition
  • part of speech or linguistic stratum
  • various meanings
  • etymological information for each entry
  • derivatives

The dictionary features many useful aids to research, including:

  • Guides for the translation of the Greek
  • guides for the translation of Hebrew
  • Guides for the translation of Arabic
  • complete guides to abbreviations
  • guides to symbols
  • guides to reference sources used

With the exception of Hebrew terms, the book is in English; cognate and source words from other languages are transliterated and translated into English.

Because of its wide scope and its meticulous scholarship, this is a much-needed reference tool.  It will be valuable for students, teachers, scholars, and general readers and writers of Hebrew and its literature; for those in Biblical, Judaic, and Near Eastern studies, as well as students of comparative literature, historical linguistics and semantics, and many other fields of study.  For those who have a love for this constantly developing language, the dictionary will be a source of information and insight.

About the Author:  Ernest David Klein (1899-1983) was born in Szatmar in the eastern part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (now Romania).  In 1925 he earned the title of Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Vienna.  His specialized fields were Semitic languages and literature, Romance languages and literature, and Philosophy.  In 1931 he became Rabbi of Nove Zamke in the former Czechoslovakia.  Here he remained until deported by the Nazis in World War II, first to Auschwitz and later to the concentration camp Allach-Dachau.  He was liberated by American troops in 1945.  His father, wife and only son, and two of his three sisters had perished in the extermination camps.  After the Holocaust, he returned to his birthplace, but shortly afterward he went to Paris, and finally moved to Canada in 1951.  Here he was able to devote himself to the projects he had started earlier in Europe.  For the next twenty years, Dr. Klein devoted himself to the study of the history of the English language.  Since English has roots in some forty spoken and extinct languages and Klein had mastered these languages, he was uniquely qualified to compile his comprehensive etymological dictionary of the English language, which was the most exhaustive of its kind at the time.  The next ten years of his life he devoted to A Comprehensive Etymological Dictionary of the Hebrew Language for Readers of English.

Language: English
721 pages
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