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Commemorative Boxed 1611 KJV and NKJV Set

Commemorative Boxed 1611 KJV and NKJV Set

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Includes the King James 1611 Version and the New King James Version.

Additional Information

The Holy Bible - 400th Anniversary 2 Volume Commemorative Boxed Set 

The 1611 King James Version Anniversary Edition is an authentic replica of one of the earliest prints of the King James Bible.  In the four centuries since it first appeared, this translation of unparalleled beauty and grace has had an unsurpassed worldwide impact and influence on the English language. 

The KJV 1611 edition has the authentic spellings, capitalization, and punctuation used by the 1611 translators themselves. Set in roman type for easier reading, it includes the original notes, references, and books of the Bible, including the Apocrypha, as in 1611. 

The NKJV Bible is a single-column text, for easy reading. Contains a Concordance and a schedule to read the Bible through in a year

1611 KJV Features:

  • Authentic Text of the 1611 King James Bible
  • Original notes and references
  • Includes Apocrypha
  • Roman type for easy reading
  • Hardback constructed in brown bonded leather.
  • Gold Foil Stamping
  • Gold Gilted edges
  • 10 point font
  • The 1611 KJV does not contain page numbers. 

NKJV Features:

  • Single-column text
  • Contemporary typeface
  • Bible reading plans
  • Concordance

Set Features include:

  • The complete New King James Bible 
  • The most authentic text of the 1611 King James Bible available
  • Commemorative insert booklet with more information about the history of the Bible and the KJV
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