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Citron Essential Oil - 20 ml

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Pure Organic Citron Essential Oil

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Natural Organic Citron Essential Oil

This completely unique citrus essence is an original heirloom variety and is one of the Four Species gathered since ancient times to observe the festival of Sukkot. Also known as esrog and etrog, this rind-rich fruit has been used since ancient times to uplift the spirit, ease ailments, and punctuate perfumes with its jovial, tenacious top-notes.  Citron oil is sweet, refreshing, and well-received by many people.

Citron Essential Oil is known to help in de-toxification, improves digestion, strengthens the pancreas and spleen, gastric cramps, sore throat and difficulty swallowing, mouth and tongue wounds, toothache, earaches, drowsiness, respiratory diseases and general strengthening. Particularly good for chamomile (hangover)

  • Contains 20 ml glass bottle of pure Citron Essential Oil
  • Perfect for your aromatherapy diffuser, topical application with carrier oils, or use in a relaxing bath
  • Aroma of citron essential oil is a bit sweeter on the one hand and also a bit more flowery than the other citruses
  • 100% pure and chemical-free; NEVER uses derivatives, diluents, synthetics or pesticides; safe essential oil for dogs and pets
According to the manufacturer this is "better" than organic and neither person nor machine determines the quality.  Why?  They do not plant, grow, cultivate or water herbs.  They find all the ingredients in the local fields and forests of Israel, so all are naturally grown and watered by nature, not man.
The products have not been tested on animals and all the products and packaging can be recycled while taking care of the 
environment and the individual.
 Imported from Israel