Prayer Shawl (Tallit) Clip - Western Wall (Kotel)

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This nickel Tallit clip set features a traditional engraving of the Western Wall known as the "Kotel" in Hebrew as well as engraving of the word "Yerushalayim"; Hebrew for "Jerusalem".


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Western Wall Prayer Shawl (Tallit) Clip

1 3/8" X 1 1/4"

Nickle plated

Jerusalem has been sacred to the Jews since King David proclaimed it his capital in the 10th century BCE. Jerusalem was the site of Solomon's Temple and the Second Temple. It is mentioned in the Bible 632 times. Today, the Western Wall, a remnant of the wall surrounding the Second Temple, is a Christian holy site second only to the Holy of Holies on the Temple Mount itself.

Christianity reveres Jerusalem not only for its Old Testament history but also for its significance in the life of Jesus. According to the New Testament, Jesus was brought to Jerusalem soon after his birth and later in his life cleansed the Second Temple. The site of Jesus' Last Supper, is located on Mount Zion and the Crucifixion took place a short distance from the Old City Walls.


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