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Nickel Plated Breastplate Fleur Mezuzah W/Menorah, Messianic, Judaica, Hebraic Heritage, (MZ085.2)

Nickel Plated Breastplate Fleur Mezuzah W/Menorah


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Menorah Breastplate Mezuzah

Height - 4.5 inches / 12 cm



Nickel Plated Breastplate Fleur Mezuzah W/Menorah

Menorah Breastplate Mezuzah Nickel plated mezuzah decorated with the Hoshen Breastplate (worn by the High Priest with 12 stones representing the Twelve Tribes of Israel) and the word "G-d" in Hebrew ("El Shaddai" - also: "Keep the doors of Israel safe."). With soft rubber backing for easy insertion of a prayer scroll (not included). Height - 4.5 inches / 12 cm The Breastplate was worn by the High Priest in the times of the Holy Temple. It was decorated with 12 stones symbolizing the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Tribe & Stone: Reuben – Ruby Shimon – Peridot or Topaz Levi – Emerald Judah – Garnet Issachar – Sapphire Zebulun – Diamond Dan – Opal Gad – Amethyst Naphtali – Agate Asher – Aquamarine Joseph – Onyx Benjamin – Jasper The Mezuzah is a symbol that can be seen on the right-hand doorpost in every Jewish household. It acknowledges G-d's sovereignty over the home. Having a mezuzah on the doorpost, touching it and then touching the lips, reminds us to keep the word of G-d on our lips as we enter and leave our home.

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