Meet Tom Bradford!

Tom Bradford is the leader, founder and teacher of Seed of Abraham Ministries, Inc., TorahClass & Seed of Abraham Fellowship.  He is a lifelong Believer and former S&P 500 senior executive who retired early in life when the Lord inspired him with an unquenchable passion for Israel and the Holy Scriptures, and a love for the Jewish people. Tom spent several years in intense Scripture study being mentored along the way by Jewish Torah scholars and Christian academics and pastors. He has poured over countless volumes of works of the learned Christian Scholars and the great Hebrew sages and Rabbis. His formal university education began with study in Archeology and Egyptology before he became a Business major, which propelled his former career in the Hi-Tech field. 

Tom and his wife Becky have explored Egypt, regularly spend time in Israel leading tours, teaching and ministering to the Israelis, have visited Jordan and Gaza and traveled extensively to all the continents except Australia. Tom studied Hebrew and Torah, was educated in the New Testament and taught Adult Bible Study for two decades and Torah for over 10 years, written several seminars on various Biblical topics, appears weekly on Christian radio, speaks to Church and civic groups, and lectures from time to time at local institutes of higher education on Middle Eastern affairs, Israel, the Bible, and Islam.

Tom & Becky have 5 children and 11 grandchildren and live on the Space Coast of Florida.

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