Meet Lenny & Varda!

Lenny and Varda are praise and worship leaders and song writers proclaiming YHVH's Prophetic word in song.

Lenny & Varda are Jewish believers in Messiah Yeshua.  They write, record and produce original songs proclaiming YHVH's prophet word.  Their songs have become iconic in the Hebrew root movement and are beloved by those who have returned and those returning to their Hebraic heritage.

Their style of music is unique, prophetic and arrayed in fresh anointing . . . It's the Hebraic sound from the heart of God.

Abba has engraved upon the hearts of Lenny and Varda the desire and they call to be a part of the "Restoration of the whole house of Israel."

It is with this sense of urgency that Lenny and Varda are committed to take this message in song and teaching to the Hebraic community as well as those in the Church who have a desire to embrace the Hebraic roots of their faith. 

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Israel Arise by Lenny & Varda