This unique tour was thoughtfully designed for you in hopes that you will be able to see the Bible unfold before your very eyes and get a chance to display God's love to the people of Israel.  This special tour will take you beyond what one would typically expect from a "Holy Land" tour in that participants are able to experience Israel both within its modern and historical contexts.

You will explore Israel within its biblically historical context as well as within its modern reality and struggles.  We will study the Bible in-depth, where we will learn about Israel's past, present and future.  We will meet Arabs, Druze, religious and secular Jews.  Tour participants will have the unique opportunity to see firsthand the many difficult issues facing Israel today, such as the security fence, the Israeli settlements within Judea and Samaria, what it would mean if Israel yields the Golan Heights to Syria, as well as hearing first-hand from families who have been victims of terror. These are just some of the highlights that we will be sharing with you in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

If this will be your first time or eleventh time to join us on this tour, know that you can trust that every year brings something new and special as we discover together what God is doing in the Land. Join us as we walk in the footsteps of our Messiah, which will give us a deeper understanding and appreciation of Him and the Bible.


"I've been to Israel twice and the only way to experience what I did is for you to visit.  The minute you step off the plane you will understand the feeling  I'm not certain it's the same for everyone but what I do know is that feeling will inspire you to want to return again and again . . . at least that is how it was for me and why I plan on a third visit. Come experience Israel so you too can fall in love with the nation, it people and the incredible uniqueness that is Israel."  -Sonia Velez Lump


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