Meet Daniel Carmel!

Daniel was born in Israel in 1964 to a Jewish girl from an Orthodox Jewish Family.  She was very young and decided to give him up for adoption.  Daniel was adopted by a family from Haifa and spent most of his first 28 years there. Haifa is located in the northwest part of Israel.

His adoptive parents never kept it a secret from him that he was adopted.  They were a loving family, but were secular Jews and the only time that Daniel was in a synagogue was forhis bar mitzvah.  In Israel every young person must serve in the army.  At age 21 Daniel completed his service in the Israeli Defense Force and decided to seek accreditation for a boat captain certificate.  At age 24 he began piloting tugboats in the Haifa port. 

After a failed relationship Daniel decided to have his adoption files opened.  At age 28 he met his birth mother for the first time and discovered a whole new family --- 3 brothers and 1 sister who live in the Galilee region of Israel.   

He moved to Galilee to be nearer to his birth family. He found a place to live in Kibbutz Ginosar and a job operatiing tour boats on the Sea of Galilee. While piloting the boats, he was exposed to God's Word every day and heard the stories of Yeshua (Jesus), the prayers of the pastors and the worship songs of the believers. Over a period of 5 years, Daniel pondered what he was hearing about Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew), and one morning he awoke with a great love for Him!  Daniel states this did not come as a surprise because he had felt Him working in his heart for some time. 

Daniel's Whole Life Changed! He began to see his job on the tour boats as a ministry. He fell in love with worship songs the believers were singing while on the boats. Daniel found the words expressed the love and worship he felt in his heart for Yeshua.  He had been a drummer for most of his life, now he found Jesus inspiring him to sing. He began to gather music and learn the beautiful words of praise to Him. Believers sent him CDs when they returned to their homes and Daniel began playing them for other believers on the boat tours. His desire was for the believers who came to the Sea of Galilee to have an unforgettable worship experience. 

In 2002, Daniel started a music ministry with Hebrew Worship Songs, translating and recording popular worship songs into the Hebrew language.  He wanted believers to hear the songs they loved in our Lord's language, and wanted Israelis to hear about Yeshua through his music.


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