Meet Arnold Goldberg!

Ronnie (Arnold) Goldberg was born in Munich, Germany in 1947 and Immigrated to Israel in 1952 with his parents, the only survivors of the Holocaust from the entire family.

Goldberg natural artistic gifts were apparent at an early age and during high school he presented his first solo exhibition in Israel which was followed by 52 group and solo exhibitions in Israel and around the world.

Since the late 1970's Goldberg's art has been focused on the selection and arrangement of 3D shapes and colors to create a 3D paintings of the Holy Land. Goldberg often employs bright vivid colors to enhance his works. Working in both paint and 3D elements.

Goldberg incorporates elements from Holy Land into his canvases: remnants of found natural objects from the Sea of Galilee, minerals from the Dead Sea and limestone. Goldberg consolidates all these materials built up on canvas or in gentle brush strokes ranging from thin and soft lines to strong sometimes aggressive explosive paint layers.

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Arnold Goldberg