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Natural Sea Sponge, Holy Land, Hebrew Heritage, Christian,  (BB001)

Natural Raw Sea Sponge

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Sea Sponge from Israel!



Natural Sea Sponge without Processing or Treatment

For people who prefer to bathe with natural products, a sea sponge offers the chance to soap up and scrub down with a product manufactured by Mother Nature herself. This natural sea sponge is wonderful for washing and exfoliating and comes straight from the sea!  It is a "raw" natural sea sponge which means it has not been processed so it may have a stronger and more district ocean smell, it is darker in color and slightly rougher in texture than a sea sponge that has been processed by bleaching and cleansing. Many times a raw natural sea sponge is more durable and can last longer than a processed sea sponge.   

Use for face washing and gentle exfoliating with a cleanser or soap. Moisten the sponge with lukewarm water, drip a little soap/wash on the sponge and massage the skin.  After finishing cleansing, rinse your face and sponge well.  Place the sponge in a dry area and allow to dry completely.  With proper care a sea sponge can last many, many months.

Sponges are multi-cellular water-dwelling, stationary porous animals.  Their scientific name is Porifera.  Porifera, or sponges, are the simplest and oldest of the multi-celled animals, they are aquatic and sessile, living permanently attached to submerged objects. 

Size:  Approximately palm size
          Rinse well prior to first use 

Contains: 1 natural sea sponge

Imported from Israel

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