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Menorah 14.5" Solid Brass Grafted-In, Messianic, Judaica, Hebraic Heritage, (MN560)

Menorah 14.5" Solid Brass Grafted-In

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Beautiful Cut-Out Grafted-In



Menorah 14.5" Solid Brass Grafted-In

This beautifully crafted solid brass seven branch menorah is decorated with symbols of the twelve tribes of Israel.  The stem is adorned with the grafted-in symbol (Messianic seal).  The rectangular base rises in three levels as an elegant counterpoint to the magnificent design.

Presumed to be used by the early believers in the first century, the Messianic Seal (grafted-in symbol) is an expressive emblem of the connection between the Jewish and Christian faith. It is composed of two symbols: The Menorah and the Fish which intertwined at the center to create a Start of David. This seal communicates a strong message that God wants the Gentile believers and the Jewish people to be connected as one in which Christ is to be the center.

Height 14.5"


Inner cup diameter approximately 3/4 inches or 2 cm.


**Please note: There are many Different types of Menorahs and many different types of Candles. However, there are techniques that can help you fit the two.


1.     If the diameter of the candle is larger than the Menorah's candle holder then you may try whittling a bit off the base of the candle so it will fit. Please keep in mind that this tip will not work if the candles are significantly larger than the candle holder.


2.     If the candle is too small then try heating the base of the candle using a small flame from a “Lighter” or another candle and when the base begins to melt insert it to the menorahs candle holder and press lightly for a few seconds until it sticks.


Made in Israel 


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