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King David & Akavish the Spider, Holylandmarketplace.com, Messianic, Hebraic Heritage, Christian, PB552

King David & Akavish the Spider

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The story of a promise made and kept.



King David & Akavish the Spider by Sylvia Rouss

When a young shepherd boy aims a stone at a spider’s web, little did he dream that it would be the beginning of a lasting friendship – or indeed that the small creature would one day save his life. Akavish, the Spider, makes a promise to a young boy and keeps it when that boy has grown to be a man. Fleeing King Saul’s soldiers, David hides in a cave, exhausted and spent. Quickly setting to work, the spider weaves a web that covers the entrance, and the soldiers run past thinking that the delicate strands would be broken if someone had hidden inside. But what David really sees is that pure strength doesn’t always win the day, and that each of God’s creatures has its value. By using your wits and your own special gifts, anything is possible! It’s a lesson for a king, and one that the future King of Israel will never forget.
This moving and charmingly told story is based on the Biblical tale we know so well.
Appealing to both children – and the adults who read it to them.

36 pages, Paperback

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