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Ketubah, Amy Sheetreet, Holy Land, Hebraic Heritage, Marriage, (HH402)

Ketubah - Traditional (Medium Design 2) - by Amy Sheetreet

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Beautiful Ketubah (Wedding Contract)



Ketubah - Style 2 - Traditional

Beautifully stunning Ketubah by Israeli artist Amy Sheetreet.  

Writing is in both Hebrew and English.

Traditionally, before the wedding, the officiating individual fills in the blanks and supervises the signing of the document by the witnesses.  Once the groom places the ring on the bride's finger, the Ketubah is read aloud. After the ketubah is read, it is handed to the groom who gives it to the bride. The ketubah is then put in a safe place for the duration of the wedding.

The Ketubah is a binding document which details the husband's obligations to his wife, showing that marriage is more than a physical-spiritual union; it is a legal and moral commitment. The Ketubah states the principal obligations of the groom to provide for his wife and for his wife to provide for him and that all is done to honor their Messiah, Yeshua.

The Ketubah Reads:

 On the ________ day of the week, the _________ day of the month in the year57 ______  which corresponds to the _______ day of __________ in the year __________.


The holy covenant of marriage was entered into at _________________________ betweeen the bridegroom____________________ and his bride_________________ The said groom made the following declaration to his bride:


Be my wife according to the laws of Moses and Israel.  "I faithfully promise that I will be a true husband unto you, I will honor and cherish you.  I will protect and support you, and I will provide all that is necessary for your sustenance according to the usual custom of Jewish husbands.                                                                                        I also take upon myself all such further obligations for your maintenance as are prescribed by our religious statutes.  And the said bride has entered into this holy covenant with affection and sincerity and has taken upon herself the fulfillment of all the duties which are incumbent upon a Jewish wife.


This covenant of marriage was duly executed and witnessed on this day according to the usage of Israel.








Print: 14 3/4" H x 20 1/2" W
Canvas:  19" H x 24" W

Suitable for framing. Not suitable to be stretched

Imported from Israel


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