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Jewish Holiday Songs, Holy Land, Christian, Hebrew Heritage, Worship Music,  (CD085 )

Jewish Holiday Songs

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Jewish Holiday Songs CD. 45 selections including songs for Shabbat, Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot, Chanukah, Purim, Pessach, Yom Ha'atzmaot, Lag B'Omer, and Shavuot.
Songs in Hebrew. 



Jewish Holiday Songs

Sung in Hebrew

Shabbat Songs:
1. Today is Friday (Hayom Yom Shishi)
2. Shabbat Eve
3. Go Forth My Beloved (Lecha Dodi)
4. Shabbat Shalom
5. Elijah the Prophet (Eliyahu Hanavi)
6. Halleluya
Rosh Hashanah Songs:
7. The Summer is Over - (Hakayitz Avar)
8. Shana Tova (Good Year)
9. On New Year's (Berosh Hashanah)
10. My Holiday (Chag Li)
Succot Songs:
11. Medly: Songs of the Feast of Tabernacles(Hammer & Nails, Wooden Plank, My Succot, Visitors for the Festival)
12. The Harvest Festival (Chag Ha'asif)
13. Vehitifu - (Mountains will pour Nactar)
14. Into my Succa - (Lasucca Sheli)
15. Medly: Songs for the rejoicing of the Giving of the Law (Sisu Vesimchu, Simchat Torah, Be Happy on your Festival)
16. I'll be Happy (Agil Ve-esmach)
17. There is none Greater (Ein Adir)
18. Medly: Songs for the festival of lights
Channukah Songs:
19.Medly(Maoz Zur, The Days of the Festival of Lights, In Honor of Channukah)
20. Medly: - (My Tiny Candle, I have a Candelabra, Kad Katan)
21. The Festival of Lights
Tu Bishvat:
22. The Almond Tree is Blossoming (Hshkediya Porachat)
23. This is how the Sowers Sow (Kach Holchim..)
24. The Almond Tree's Birthday (Chag Ha'asif)
Purim Songs:
25. The Festival of Lots (Chag Purim)
26. The Rose of Jacob - (Shoshanat Yaakov)
27.I'm Purim (Ani Purim)
28. Little Clown - (Leytzan Katan)
29. Purim Masquerade
30. Long Beard (Zakan Aroch)
Passover Songs:
31. Much Joy (Simcha Raba)
32. Ma Nishtana - (How this night differs fron all nights?)
33. Moses in the Cradle - (Moshe Bateyva)
34. The Exodus
Israel's Independence Day Songs:
35. The Whole country is Draped with Flags
36. Menorah and Olive Branches
Lag Baomer Songs:
37. Bar Kochvah (A man was in Israel)
38. Bow on our Shoulders
39. Bar Yochai
40. Around the Bonfire
41. Our Baskets on our Shoulders
42. Celebrate Shavuot
43. The Fruit of my Garden
44. Our Barn is full of Grain (Malu Asameynu Bar)
45. Strawberries (Tutim)



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