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Incense - Natural Myrrh, Holy Land, Hebraic Heritage, Christian, (CN091)

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Incense - Natural Myrrh

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Natural Biblical myrrh incense!



Natural Myrrh Biblical Incense

Myrrh, Mor in Hebrew, is the dried gum of a species of balsam (Balsamodendron myrrha).

Myrrh is mentioned as valuable for its perfume (Psalm 45:8, Proverbs 7:17, Songs 3:6), and as one of the constituents of the holy incense (Exodus 30:23). Myrrh is also mentioned in Esther 2:12 as one of the substances used in the purification of women

According to Matthew 2:11, gold, frankincense, and myrrh were among the gifts given to Jesus by the biblical magi "from out of the East."  They were considered to be exceedingly valuable gifts, traditionally given to honor a king or deity in the ancient world.

In Mark 15:23, is mentioned that "wine mingled with myrrh," was offered to but refused by Jesus previous to his crucifixion; it was intended to deaden the anguish of his sufferings. Myrrh was also used for embalming and in John 19:39 a "mixture of myrrh and aloes" is brought by Nicodemus to embalm the body.

Myrrh is known for its healing properties and has been used for thousands of years in traditional healing therapies and in religious ceremonies. Common myrrh uses historically, include: fragrance, embalming, flavoring for food, treating hay fever, as an antiseptic to clean and heal wounds, and as a paste to help stop bleeding.

Size: 1.75 oz | 50 g

Imported from Israel


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