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A volume on applied or practical biblical historical geography.

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Greatness Grace & Glory by Paul H. Wright

"Understanding the where helps us ponder the why".

A masterful retelling of the stories of over forty men and women of the Bible, where each page is filled with the sights and sounds of the cultural landscape in which they lived.

This volume represents a new and necessary genre in the field of biblical studies. Greatness Grace & Glory is perhaps best described as a volume on applied or practical biblical historical geography.  

It offers:

  • A readable and engaging presentation of biblical historical geography through the familiar grid of story.
  • An integrated historical-geographical context of the biblical story.
  • Presents the story of each of the great people of the Bible, focusing on the importance for place and cultural context in understanding the story.
  • Numerous maps and pictures, with explanatory captions, are included for every chapter to let the reader visualize the grounded reality behind each person’s story.


"Everyone loves a good Bible story.  Some stories, like David and Goliath, Jonah and the Whale, and the Birth of Jesus have entered the mainstream of popular culture.  Others, such as Sisera's Encounter with Yael, Ahab's Battle at Ramoth-gilead, or Nehmiah's Nightime Ride, though not as well know, are still a good read.  Conflict, intrigue, resolution, local color, character, points of relevance - these and other aspects of storytelling energize the biblical narrative in ways that for centuries have prompted the hearts and minds of Bible readers to hear and respond to the touch of God in their lives."


  • The Patriarchs and Matriarchs:  Our Fathers and Mothers
  • Moses:  Showing Us the Way
  • Joshua:  Courage to Conquer
  • Deborah and Yael:  A Sweet Song of Victory
  • Samson:  Greatness Run Amuck
  • Naomi and Ruth:  The Way It's Supposed to Be
  • David and Solomon:  Our Legacy
  • Rizpah:  When Not-So-Little-Things Really Matter
  • Ahab and Jehoshaphat:  The Fine Line Between Failure and Success
  • Elijah and Elisha:  Going About Doing Good
  • Jonah:  Greatness in Spite of Himself
  • Isaiah:  Vision for a Broken World
  • Josiah:  The Last Hope
  • Ezra and Nehemiah:  Courage to Start Over
  • Esther:  For Such a Time as This
  • The Herods:  Magnificent to a Fault
  • John the Baptist:  A Voice Crying in the Wilderness
  • Mary and Joseph:  Simple Lives Lived Extraordinarily
  • Jesus:  The Anointed One
  • Pontius Pilate:  The Enforcer
  • Peter:  Out in Front
  • Paul:  Living Under Grace
  • John:  Someone Who Deserved the Last Word

About the Author:  Paul H. Wright is the Executive Director of Jerusalem University College/Institute of Holy Land Studies in Jerusalem.  He was awarded his Ph.D. degree in Bible and Ancient Near East at Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati.  He is the athor of Understanding the New Testament (with M. Har-El), Understanding the Geography of the Bible, both published by Carta, Jerusalem.

Hard Cover, 256 pages, 8½×11 in. (21.5×28 cm)


  • Maps
  • Illustrations
  • Bibliography
  • Index
  • Full Color

Imported from Israel

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