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Mezuzah Grafted-in Olive Wood, Messianic, Judaica, Hebraic Heritage, (MZ108.3)

Grafted-in Olive Wood Mezuzah


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4" Olive wood mezuzah with the grafted in symbol accented in gold-tones.



Grafted-in Olive Wood Mezuzah

Olive wood decorated with golden Grafted In symbol and the word "G-d" in Hebrew. (El Shaddai)

Mezuzah - 4" 

The Mezuzah is a symbol that can be seen on the right-hand doorpost in every Jewish household. It acknowledges God's sovereignty over the home. Having a mezuzah on your door, touching it and then touching your lips, will remind you to keep the word of God on your lips as you enter and leave your home. 

The Grafted In symbol is one of the earliest known Christian symbols. This combined Menorah, Star of David, and Fish, represent the unity and common roots of Judaism and Christianity.It was first discovered in a small assembly room on Mount Zion; 3rd Century A.D. In Romans, Paul speaks about the natural olive tree of Israel, and the grafting in of gentile believers (the wild olive) into the olive tree. 

It is customary for the mezuzah house to be adorned with the Hebrew word שדי (Shaddai), which is G-d’s most mystical name, or just the Hebrew letter ש (Shin) to represent the word Shaddai. This word is an abbreviation for “Shomer D’latot Yisrael” – the Guardian of Israel.

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