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Everyday Life in the Time of Jesus,, Messianic, Hebrew Heritage, Christian, (PB117)

Everyday Life in the Time of Jesus

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Everyday Life in the Time of Jesus - The Second Temple Period

Everyday Life in the Time of Jesus is meant for the reader who wants to delve into the lifestyle of the Holy Land during ancient times.  Adult and youngsters will be able to gain insight of where we came from and how our ancestors lived.  It has the unique advantage of covering topics not usually written about in history books such as what crops were grown, what was eaten 2,000 years ago, how a bride was given in marriage and what was expected while mourning.   Surpising information about social structure and slavery; the role of Judaism in early Christianity and the tremendous influence of the Second Temple. 

Hellenistic and Roman practices are shown through discussion of art, bathing rutuals and architecture.  Everyday Life uses resources such as archeological research, photographs of artifacts and visits to ruins throughout Israel.  All of this is backed up with New Testament scriptures as a cross-reference.  

This comprehensive book covers an extensive range of subjects adn is a must for all those interested in Biblical history and archeology.

Excerpt from Introduction:

"Archeological excavations in the Holy Land, together with written historical sources, especially those from the New Testament, make it possible for us to draw a clear picture of the daily life during the period of the Second Temple.

The Gospels are still irreplaceable in our understanding of how our ancestors lived and behaved.  The Jewish sources such as teh Mishna (commentary on Jewish law) and the writtings of historians such as Josephus Flavius, add to our knowledge."

Book measures: 10.5" X 8.25"


143 pages

Imported from Israel


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