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Ready Hour

Ready Hour Case Pack: Homestyle Potato Soup (24 servings/ 6 pack)

Ready Hour Case Pack: Homestyle Potato Soup (24 servings/ 6 pack)

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If you are new to creating a plan, why not start with our Homestyle Potato Soup Case Pack? This is a hearty, tasty, warm soup that tastes homemade but stores for years. It doesn't require refrigeration so you don't have to worry about it going bad. It stores well in your pantry or any vehicle, lasting up to 25 years unopened.   Ready Hour Homestyle Potato Soup makes a delicious meal for your family. 

All Ready Hour packages are sealed in heavy-duty packaging and are resealable. That way you can use what you want and store up the rest. Once you’ve opened a package it is good for up to a year.  They are perfect for storing up for an emergency, just make sure you keep it in a rodent-proof (preferably metal) container for long-term storage.

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Additional Information

  • Ready Hour Homestyle Potato Soup is proudly made in the USA. 
  • Weighs 3.4 pounds.
  • Total water needed to cook entire case pack is 1.7 gallons 
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