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Dead Sea Salt with Seaweed,, Messianic, Hebrew Roots, Judaica, Christian, TI087

Dead Sea Salt with Seaweed Grinder


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Pure salt from the Dead Sea with Seaweed.

Glass bottle with built in grinder.
3.87 oz / 110gr.

Free of chemicals and additives



Dead Sea Salt with Seaweed Grinder

424 Below Sea Level

Diamond Salt with Seaweed from the Dead Sea

Glass bottle with built in grinder
3.87 oz / 110gr.

Pure salt from the Dead Sea combined with healthful red seaweed for a delicious savory flavor with a delicate sweetness has subtle yet rich differences from other sea salts due to the rich mineral content found in the Dead Sea. Healthier that traditional table salt this gourmet salt brings a depth of natural flavor to any meal. Seaweed has come to be known as a super-food for its highly nutritious attributes. 

Free of chemicals and additives


424 Below Sea Level Salt is enriched with the unique blend of 21 natural minerals from the Dead Sea. It has been certified as 100% natural for seasoning and cooking and as authentic Dead Sea product by the Israel Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The Secal Israel Inspection and Certification working with the EU Control Union Certifications has approved that the salt in this product is 100% natural from the Dead Sea. The Salt is produced through a natural evaporation process and contains no additives or processing aids.


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