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Understanding The Life Of Jesus,, Messianic, Hebrew Roots, Judaica, Christian, PB150.5

Understanding The Life Of Jesus An Introductory Atlas From Carta


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Understanding the life of Jesus is a necessary component to comprehending the message he proclaimed. 



Understanding The Life Of Jesus From Carta

Written by Michael Avi-Yonah with R. Steven Notley

From the Foreword by R. Steven Notley:

“Understanding the land of Jesus is a necessary component to comprehending the message he proclaimed. From the beginning of the four Gospels until their end, the Evangelists assume that we possess an intimate knowledge of the historical and geographical stage onto which Jesus stepped.

“For most Christian readers this is unfortunately not true. Many have not had the opportunity to visit the Holy Land. Even for those who have, it can prove to be a confusing experience. Much about life in this land has changed over the course of two millennia.…

“It is hoped that the maps [in this book] and the brief texts that accompany them can serve as a guide for the Christian reader to navigate the geographical stages in the Gospel accounts. …May the reader be aided in their pursuit to follow the steps of the Master and to grasp more clearly the message he preached.”


Soft Cover
40 pages
9 x11.75 in. (23 x30 cm)