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Three Tier Grafted-In Necklace (Black),, Messianic, Hebrew Roots, Christian, JN652

Three Tier Grafted In Necklace (Black)

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Three tier necklace representing the Grafted-In Symbol.

Hand crafted by Israeli Artist Tikvah Ratson Cohen



Three Tier Grafted-In Necklace (Black Beads)

An amazing three tier necklace.  Each tier represents a piece of the grafted-in symbol; the Star of David, the Yeshua menorah and the Ichthus.  

Sterling silver chains adorned with black beads, smaller silver dividing beads and silver Star of David (dancers), Yeshua menorah and Ichthus.

The Grafted-In symbol, is an expressive emblem of the connection between the Jewish and Gentile faith. It is composed of two symbols: The Menorah and the Fish which intertwine at the center to create a Start of David. This symbol communicates a strong message that God wants the Gentile believers and the Jewish people to be connected as one in which Yeshua is the center.   Roman 11:11-31

Handcrafted by Israeli Jewelry Artist Tikvah Ratson Cohen



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