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Practicing the Sabbath,, Messianic, Hebrew Roots, Judaica, Christian, PB067

Practicing the Sabbath with Community by Daniel Goldstein


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Is the Sabbath still for today?  Sabbath rest is a foundational principle upon which this world we live in was created. 




Practicing The Sabbath With Community by Daniel Goldstein

Is the Sabbath still for today?

Many Christians believe that since Jesus fulfilled the Law, the Sabbath has therefore been nullified. Others may respond that Christians have found their true rest in Jesus and He, thereby, has become one's spiritual rest. Both of these responses make the Sabbath principle obsolete and validate a seven-day work week.

This book has been written for those who, in one way or another, would answer "Yes" to the above question. An affirmative answer to the above question in no way contradicts all that Jesus did by fulfilling the Law. The Sabbath existed before the Law was even given. Sabbath rest is a foundational principle upon which this world we live in was created. God set an example for all of humanity by working six days and taking one day to rest.

How does one make a weekly day of rest a reality in this fast-paced world?  Practicing the Sabbath with Community has been written to answer this question.  The author, Daniel Goldstein, has been living in Israel for the past several years and has been living out the Sabbath in community.  It is from this perspective that he provides an in-depth look at the traditional Jewish celebration of the Sabbath, accompanied with many practical insights for singles and families alike in order to restore a weekly day of rest that is fun and rejuvenating.

Purchase this book today to learn practical ideas for keeping a weekly day of rest according to the teachings of Yeshua (Jesus).


  1. The Desire for the Sabbath:  An Inner Longing
  2. The Controversy of the Sabbath:  "Is the Sabbath Still for Today?"
  3. The Day of the Sabbath:  Making a Wise Choice
  4. The Context of the Sabbath: Community
  5. The Commencement of the Sabbath:  A Prelude to Rest
  6. The Creation of Your Sabbath:  The Foundation
  7. The Head of the Sabbath:  The Feast
  8. The Spirit of the Sabbath:  Worship
  9. The Heart of the Sabbath:  Rest
  10. The Intent of the Sabbath:  Life
  11. The Key to a Successful Sabbath:  Preparation
  12. The Conclusion of the Sabbath:  Blessing the New Week
  13. Protecting Your Sabbath

" My initial encounter with the Jewish community and culture was when I first visited Israel in 1995, during my senior year in college.  I went there to spend three and a half months in a study abroad program in Jerusalem and to explore the biblical land where so much of history is centered.  The time I spent in Israel literally changed my life in many ways, one of them being the practice of the Sabbath." ~Daniel Goldstein

160 Pages

.Printed in Israel

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