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Jesus (Yeshua) Olive Wood Ichthus OW106

Jesus (Yeshua) Olive Wood Ichthus

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Jesus (Yeshua) Olive Wood Ichthus

The perfect gift for any occasion.




Jesus (Yeshua) Olive Wood Ichthus


The olive wood "Ichthus" is made of hand crafted olive wood and is engraved with Jesus in English and Hebrew.  It has a small chain attached for hanging.


"Ichthus" is an ancient Christian symbol meaning "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior". In the early days of the church, Christians were persecuted for their faith. To avoid capture, they would draw the Ichthus symbol in the dirt, mud, sand or on walls of caves to let another Christian know that he too, was a fellow believer in Christ and that it was safe to talk about their faith without fear.


This Ichthus is a tangible reminder of what it means to be a Christian and it is a meaningful gift for any occasion. 

Olive wood carvings come only from the trimmings of olive trees, which is an essential process for healthy and proper growth of the trees, and to promote environmental sustainability. The olive wood is then dried and cured before it is used for carving.


Dimensions:  5 1/4" x 2 1/4"

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