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Chanukah Candles, Multi-colored,, Messianic, Christian, Judaica, CN114

Chanukah Candles - Multi-Color


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Chanukah Candles - Package is of a variety of colors.



Promised Land Chanukah Candles

 44 Colored twisted candles.

 Pure paraffin wax.

 Made in Israel.

Height: 3 3/4" 

Diameter: 1/4" 

The Festival of Lights is celebrated every year to remember the victory over the Greek Empire and the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem.  When the Maccabees re-entered the Temple they found one small jar of olive oil to light the menorah which burned eight days instead of the standard one day.  To commemorate this miracle, candles are lit each evening beginning with one candle on the first night and adding an additional candle each night for eight nights.


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