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Celebrate the Lamb...A Messianic Perspective of Passover,, Messianic, Hebrew Roots, Judaica, Christian, PB084.1

Celebrate the Lamb...A Messianic Perspective of Passover


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This is a concise and updated explanation of Passover. Author: Joan Lipis



Celebrate the Lamb...A Messianic Perspective of Passover

Of all the feasts, Passover provides the clearest picture of God's plan of redemption through Yeshua, Jesus, the Messiah. This book offers seasonal, national, spiritual, redemptive, and Kingdom perspectives on the holiday and new ideas for how and why we celebrate Yeshua, our Passover lamb.

Celebrate the Lamb looks at Passover from five perspectives. Each of these perspectives are important (especially the last four)
if we are to be in balance. Bottom line, it's not the HOW we celebrate but the WHO we celebrate!

1) Seasonal
2) National (significance to Israel's history)
3) Spiritual (the character of God)
4) Redemptive/Prophetic (fulfillment in Yeshua)
5) Kingdom (the personal application to our lives - probably the most important aspect of all!)

139 pages.